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Education Meets Development: A College Blog

Attending college is a great way to prepare for a career. You will need to take courses in your selected field of study, as well as general education classes to broaden your horizons and ensure a well-rounded education. But college is not just about learning. It is also about developing as a person. You will develop skills like working with a team, meeting strict deadlines, interacting with superiors, and taking instructions. You can learn more about college, from both a developmental and educational perspective, on this website. We think education is paramount to success in life, and we're excited to share college-related topics with our readers.


Reasons To Choose A Christian Private University Over A Secular University

When you are trying to decide which type of university to enroll in, you may have narrowed your list of choices down to a secular public university and a Christian private university. While it is always beneficial to attend college and further your education, there are several advantages to attending a school focused specifically on Christianity. Learn About Your Faith As You Study When you are studying a particular subject at your Christian university, you will learn more about how the subject aligns with your Christian faith. Read More